Saturday 16 December 2017

Boating stars on crest of a wave

The first class men's race in progress at the St Kearns regatta last Sunday
The first class men's race in progress at the St Kearns regatta last Sunday

David Looby

THERE WAS perfect conditions for rowing on Sunday for the St Kearns Regatta, with the local team claiming first place in several categories in a fiercely contested day's racing.

There were 26 races on the day with competitors arriving by 8 am and races continuing until 4 pm.

The main rivalry was between St Kearns and Killurin teams but Maudlintown, which is an up and coming club from Wexford town, and the Ferrycarrig and Edermine clubs also had their say in a number of events.

The riverside was packed with spectators enjoying ice cream and treats in glorious sunshine throughout the day.

Chairperson of St Kearns Rowing Club, Gillian Roche said: 'We had fabulous weather and we sold everything in the shop.'

Ferrycarrig won the U18s followed by St Kearns. In the Underage Boys 1st section Ferrycarrig came out on top with St Kearns coming in second, while the home team came first in the 1st Class Mix races. Edermine won in the Underage 3rd Class Men's race, while Kullrin Rowing Club won the Pre Veteran Men's race and Killurin won the Pre Veteran Ladeis.

Killurin won the 1st Class Men's and Women's races with St Kearns coming in second in both races. St Kearns won the 3rd Class Ladies race and the 2nd Class Men's race.

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