Monday 22 April 2019

Wallis Bird releases her new album

THE TALENTED Wexfordborn singer/songwriter Wallis Bird has released her eagerly anticipated new album entitled 'New Boots', the follow up to her 2007 debut album 'Spoons'.

Recorded in numerous locations, including a studio in rural Germany, close to where she lived for 18 months; and her parents' house at Ballymurn, the songwriting is very intimate, depicting a range of emotions from ecstasy to despair.

Wallis's story is both unique and spectacular, one that typically sows the seeds of fame. Born left-handed, Wallis lost five fingers on her left hand in a lawnmower accident when she was a child, four of which were sewn back on. Six months later Wallis was back playing guitar, albeit unconventionally, growing used to playing a right-handed guitar upsidedown.

Finishing school, Wallis moved to Dublin, studying songwriting there. In 2006 Wallis moved to London, where she is currently residing.

The new album 'New Boots' was released on Rubyworks Records on July 24.