Sunday 19 November 2017

Jack pays penalty for Eurovision 'treason'?

THE authorities have taken to decorating the lighting poles on Wexford bridge with flags.

The current titification comprises Irish tricolours alternating with the stars and stripes of the USA. As the fourth of July is still a ways off, we may presume that this outburst of Americana acknowledges the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's visit, and the upcoming John Barry Festival.

Previously, the flags of Europe were on show. And it seemed a sign of our growing maturity as a nation that the Union Jack was left to flutter unmolested for weeks on end as part of the display on the bridge. It appeared that the spirit of the Good Friday agreement had percolated down to Wexford.

Then, just a couple of days before the European flags were hauled down to make way for Uncle Sam, one of them sustained damage. Yes, of course it was the British flag that was tattered – the emblem of departed empire, the symbol of oppression and centuries of misrule.

So what fresh act of perfidy had Albion committed to prompt such vandalism? It can be no coincidence that the attack on the Jack occurred in the wake of our neighbours' wretched behaviour during the Eurovision Song Contest. We gave Bonnie Tyler a whopping seven points while they allowed Ryan Dolan a miserable one point. How perfidious can you get!

And never mind that most of the other countries represented on the lamp poles gave Ireland the dreaded 'nul points'.

New Ross Standard

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