Saturday 25 November 2017

Hooked on adrenalin!

Ray D’Arcy on his way down the lighthouse.
Ray D’Arcy on his way down the lighthouse.

Elaine Furlong

BROADCASTER Ray D'Arcy created a slice of history in the Model County last week when he became the first (and probably the last!) ever person to abseil down the side of Hook Lighthouse.

The Today FM presenter broadcast live from the stunning setting of Hook Lighthouse last Friday as part of The Big Holiday 2 with after listeners voted in their thousands to send the popular show to discover what Wexford has to offer.

At 31 meters, or just over 100 feet, abseiling down the side of the lighthouse was no easy task especially when it was all broadcast live on the airwaves. A big crowd had gathered down below to watch Ray make his descent and step back onto soil in one piece.

However, his adventure didn't end there. Members of Hook Sub Aqua Club coaxed him to try a dive that afternoon.

Having spoken to Ray in the days before, he seemed to think that scuba was not a strenuous activity, but by the time he had put on a wetsuit, a 12 litre tank and 20lbs of lead, he changed his mind! Never one to shy away from a challenge he insisted on carrying all his own gear and was eager to get the hang of diving.

Club Chairman Ray Furlong went through the basics of hand signals and how to submerge. After a had few false starts while coming to terms with all the gear Ray d'Arcy got the hang of it and as he said himself 'had a few Jacque Cousteau moments' enjoying the beautiful colours and life just beneath the surface. He was delighted with his achievement having completed his first open water dive. He spoke at length about the experience the following day on his show and said he would like to try it again.

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