Thursday 21 March 2019

Former Fair City actress displays art

Bernard Fitzgerald, Tom Fitzgerald, Martina Flynn Fitzgerald and Naoíse Fitzgerald
Bernard Fitzgerald, Tom Fitzgerald, Martina Flynn Fitzgerald and Naoíse Fitzgerald
One of Martina’s works currently on display at the Denis Collins Gallery
Orla Wynne and Martina Flynn Fitzgerald

Maria Pepper

Martina Flynn Fitzgerald, a former actress on the Irish television soap opera Fair City, is hosting her first ever art exhibition 'Memory Boxes' in the Denis Collins Gallery in Rowe Street, Wexford, which will continue for the month of February.

Martina's mixed media creations recall times past as well as romantic ideas, thoughts and places and although the pieces are essentially abstract compositions, the use of flowers, broken jewellery, crystals, shells and other found objects make them accessible to viewers.

She uses painted backgrounds and frames to mount and present her mixed media pieces.

Martina is an actress best associated with RTÉ's Fair City on which she appeared for the first 10 years of the programme. She retired from acting to rear her children but now finds that she needs an outlet for her artistic talents.

She has dabbled with painting and interior design all her life but it wasn't until she discovered mixed media art that she felt she now had a medium which she could share.

Martina uses found items such as sea shells from her local beach, wood pieces from a forest walk near where she lives and broken jewellery. She combines these on a painted backdrop. Each piece is unique and represents for Martina a special place in her life.

Martina recently moved to Wexford with her husband Bernard Fitzgerald and two children, Tom and Naoise so that she could be nearer to nature and the sea which she loves.

She is currently writing her first novel which is at the halfway stage and she hopes it will be finished for Christmas 2019.

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