Saturday 19 October 2019

A race fit for a queen draws colourful cast of characters

Bill McCarthy, Brendan Power and Pat Kent
Bill McCarthy, Brendan Power and Pat Kent
The Drag Kings and Queens at Fethard’s Drag Race in aid of the Helen Blake Restoration Fund

David Looby

A large crowd gathered in Fethard on Sea on Bank Holiday Monday to watch the second annual drag race, featuring women wearing flat caps and sporting moustaches to rival Salvador Dali and men dressed to the nines like beauty pageant queens.

Twenty-six cyclists assembled at Dillon's shop and took part in the fun cycle ride around the village, led by drag queen extraordinaire Derek Prendergast on a motorbike.

The race started from Tay Lane and the four kilometre round trip ended back at Dillon's shop. All the riders were dressed to the nines; the men with colourful outfits that would wow any beauty pageant and the women looking straight out of The Wind That Shakes the Barley.

There were prizes for the winner (Brian O'Callaghan) and the last home was Bill McCarthy, the best Drag Queen (Rich Clark) and best Drag King (Kate Murphy). The event raised €2,402 towards the Helen Blake Replica Lifeboat Project. Rosemary Butler of the Helen Blake Project said: 'Thank you to all the competitors, sponsors, organisers, supporters and spectators. A great time was had by all on the day.'

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