Wednesday 18 September 2019

Thugs and opportunists break communities across the UK


SHAME ON those involved in vicious riots that caused the deaths of five people in the UK this week. The behaviour of this class of imbeciles who destroyed their own home towns has shocked the world.

What was staggering was the sheer speed that these riots spread from town to town infecting them in the space of hours. Many locations across England are effectively broken now and their upstanding citizens have been left at a loss to understand why this has happened.

Whatever political statement which kicked off the original events in response to the police shooting of a man in Tottenham was so very quickly claimed by thugs and opportunists for selfish and devastating purposes. To hear comments from some of those involved that because they pay taxes their community, when disarray was fair game to loot is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard.

It will take years for the damaged areas to regenerate despite the fact that the government has pledged compensation. Any respectable person willing to contribute to society wouldn't be running around starting fires and breaking windows just because they saw others doing it.

Mindless criminality was the product of these riots and it was saddening to learn that children as young as 11 were responsible. I was never as pleased as when I saw the police raid an apartment block and seize boxes of top brand sports gear and arrest the cretins who stole them.

I hope they had something smart to wear in court at least. Did they really think they would get away with it? So smug and clever were they posting pictures and smart comments on twitter and Facebook of their dirty deeds. Their addiction to social media is the rock they will perish on.

The sense of entitlement they display is shameful to say the least. It was almost laughable that having stolen a top of the range television one looter obeyed the rules of the road and waited for the pedestrian lights to go green.

While the police have vowed to plough full resources into catching the culprits the scumbags have gone underground. Perhaps they are tired after their busy week and feel like resting up! How the thousands of rioters and looters who engaged in these despicable events convinced themselves and each other that their actions were justified I will never understand.

Their behaviour spread like a virus and created scenes that shocked the world, not to mention the horrendous image that has been created ahead of the London 2012 Olympics.

Apart from the long term damage on communities they now have blood on their hands as life cannot be replaced like bricks and mortar.