Tuesday 20 August 2019

Backlash over children's pageant is over the top

DOES anyone else think that we Irish love to sit on our proverbial high horses just to have a good ol' moan, often about things that really have no impact on our lives whatsoever?

Case in point? The controversial children's beauty pageant that just about went ahead in secret at the weekend amid an outcry from objectors who are horrified by its very existence.

Don't get me wrong, the idea of dolling up little girls with make up, fake tan and false eye lashes is absolutely not for me, but I do feel the backlash to staging such an event in Ireland is incredible and way over the top.

I appreciate that some people may see these competitions as a means of sexualising and exploiting children, but at the end of the day these young girls are in a safe (albeit a little weird) environment, chaperoned at all times by their parents.

God knows there are so many worse places they could be!

Granted, it's these children's parents who are ultimately responsible for the continued success of such pageants, but I honestly don't understand the unprecedented criticism.

Is it really worthy of such hysteria in the great scheme of things?

As I've said, I'm by no means a fan of kiddies' beauty pageants and wouldn't dream of entering my own daughter in one, but unlike others opposed to the notion, I don't

feel the need to vilify mothers and fathers who do. And I certainly don't feel the need to object on the crazy level that we've seen in the past week.

If I'm brutally honest, they have absolutely no bearing on my life so I don't really care - and I can't understand why so many others do?

Barnardos chief executive Fergus Finlay described such pageants as 'simply anti-childhood', adding that 'children should never be judged.'

C'mon? Children are judged every single day - whether they play soccer, football, ride horses, play the piano or dance. They compete for honours on a daily basis, so that comment is just daft.

If that's the case, then anyone who enters their child in a feis or in an athletics meeting is guilty of exploiting them in some shape or form.

I get that people fear these little girls may be exploited - but by who? Their own parents?

I don't buy it..but maybe I just have more important things to actually worry about.

New Ross Standard