Sunday 8 December 2019

No Christmas tree joy for Irishtown residents

Aidan Power said: ‘We don’t have a Christmas here in Irishtown.'
Aidan Power said: ‘We don’t have a Christmas here in Irishtown.'

David Looby

Irishtown residents are not feeling the Christmas love from New Ross Municipal District this festive season having been informed there will once again be no Christmas tree to bring cheer and brightness to the area.

Three years ago Irishtown man Aidan Power called for a Christmas tree and festive lights to be erected for the following year. Having enquired with the local council about the prospect of a Christmas tree once again this year, the following statement was issued: 'The situation with a Christmas tree in the Irishtown is down to electricity. We will have to get a new power supply installed in order to feed the tree and this won't be possible in the lead up to Christmas 2019. We will review this next year however in consultation with the Chamber of Commerce.'

There had been indications previously that this was going to be looked at ahead of this Christmas as the council and chamber both seek to expand the Christmas lights throughout the town as part of their Nollaig campaign to attract people into New Ross.

Aidan said he is disgusted that the council are not going to provide a Christmas tree. 'I'm 75 and might not be around for many more Christmasses. This is for the other people in the Irishtown. I'm looking down the Irishtown now at Christmas and it's not the same anymore.'

He is calling for the new council to be abolished and for the old town council structure to be reinstated. Having worked for the council for 17 years and helped the body achieve two gold environment awards in the 1990s, Power said under the new municipal council residents like him have no say anymore when it comes to getting things done.

The Cluain Fada estate resident said: 'I would like to go to my grave knowing I did something good for the Irishtown. People on the housing list are afraid to say anything. We can't even get a Christmas tree for the top of the town. We're not freaks up here we just want what other areas of the town have. We have no voice representing us here in the top of the town since the council was abolished.'

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