Wednesday 22 May 2019

Who was Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy?

The late Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy
The late Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

The daughter of a Boston Mayor, (Honey Fitz, the first American born Irish Catholic to be elected Mayor of Boston), Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Boston in 1890.

She married Joseph Kennedy, the first American born Irish Catholic to become US Ambassador to the Court of St James. She was the mother of President John F Kennedy his brothers, the late US senators Robert and Ted, Joe, Rose, Kathleen, Eunice, Patricia and Jean.

Widely admired for her poise, political savvy and tireless commitment to her family, her brilliant public speaking ability and her appeal to female voters played a vital role in her sons' political victories.

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, who died in January 1995, played an influential role in supporting her children's work in advancing supports in the spheres of mental health, disabilities, the arts, human rights and politics.

She was part of a great Irish American family with FitzGerald roots in Bruff, County Limerick, and Norman Wexford and Kennedy roots in New Ross, near to where the bridge is being built.

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