Sunday 21 July 2019

Wexford's first babies of 2019

Baby Fionn Murphy, with midwife Linda Hairstens
Baby Fionn Murphy, with midwife Linda Hairstens
Parents Michael O’Reilly and Iwona Piotrowska with newborn Méabh, and daughters Ellen and Kate

Anna Hayes

Two families welcomed new additions at Wexford General Hospital on New Year's Day.

The first baby born was Méabh O'Reilly, who arrived at 10.04 a.m. and weighed 3.4kg. Méabh, who was two weeks early, is the third child of Michael O'Reilly and Iwona Piotrowska who already have two daughters, eight-year-old Kate and four-year-old Ellen.

Michael, a plumber by trade, said that the big sisters were very taken with the new arrival and were constantly playing with her and holding her hand.

The family, who are from Gibberwell, Duncormick, were also presented with a Newbridge Silver scroll holder for Méabh's documents, as an acknowledgement of being the first baby born in the hospital in 2019.

'The nurse explained that it's something they do every year; we didn't know about it but it's a nice thing to have.'

The second baby born was Fionn Murphy, to parents Adrian and Joanne, from Ballylannon, Wellingtonbridge. He arrived at 4.57 p.m. and weighed 3.7kg.

Fionn is the couple's second child; their first son Oisin is 20 months old and is happy to have his brother home.

Joanne said everything was going great, adding that Fionn had been due 13 days earlier but held out in order to get an extra year of underage GAA playing!

She added: 'It's wonderful to be home and it's a great start to the new year.'

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