Wednesday 17 January 2018

VIEW from the STREET

Is it fair that Revenue will estimate the value of your home for property tax? We asked people on the streets in Wexford, New Ross, Enniscorthy and Gorey for their opinion...

Joe Carroll, Richmond Place, Wexford No I don't think it's one bit fair.

It should be the case that the only tax that you pay on your house is when you buy it and that's it. I'd disagree with the property tax completely regardless of how they take it. John Dimond, Mount Elliot, New Ross What value is on property when the banks won't give any funding to buy houses. So really there is no value in the market at the minute. Eddie Murphy, Milehouse, Enniscorthy It is not fair. I have my house paid for - and worked my butt off to pay for it. I pay enough tax as it is. Elaine Bolger, Monamolin No, I don't think it's fair. Property Tax shouldn't be done through an estimate. They should have an accurate account of what the house is worth.' Anne Keeling, William Street, Wexford No it's not fair. When that letter comes out I'd feel like putting return to sender on it! It's my house. I paid for it. Why should I pay them to live in my house? Eugene Cashin, Newbawn No, I don't think it's fair. I would like to see what value the Revenue would deem my house first as I could have a conflicting view as to what my home is valued at. Martin Collins, St. Aidan's Villas, Enniscorthy I don't think it is fair. How will they put a value on the houses in St. Aidan's Villas? Now we are going to be taxed after improving our houses. We should have lived in squalor. Paddy Doyle, Killenagh I don't think it is fair, because they are going to estimate the house at a value when houses were at a premium. It's not going to be the true price, what they value it at. They are going to look for the most money that they can get. John Corrigan, Rosslare Harbour My view on it is that unfortunately it has to be done and this seems to be the only way to do it. When you look at the state of the country, the money has to come from somewhere. I suppose not many would agree with me though. Kevin Tracey, Southknock, New Ross Yes, otherwise you would have to pay an auctioneer to value it. It is a tax that should have been brought in twenty years ago. Margaret Kavanagh, Effernogue, Ferns I don't think it is fair because it is my home. I don't mind paying my share but we are already paying enough taxes. Siobhan Sheridan, Craanford No it's not fair, because Enda Kenny said he was going to put no taxes on property. It's disgraceful. You can't just go back on your word like that. Marie O'Rourke, Ballyhogue No I don't think that kind of system is fair. I really don't think they've thought it through properly. There seems to be just too many loopholes that can be taken advantage of with that system. Bernadette Goodall, Moran Park, Enniscorthy I don't think the Revenue Commissioners should be doing it at all. I would give them an estimate and a fair one too. At the same time, they should not have a property tax at all. Vera Collins, Moran Park, Enniscorthy I can't pay the property tax. They can have my house if they want it! I can't pay my taxes as it is. Noeleen Grannell, Kilanerin If they want a Property Tax from us, they should be able to investigate everybody's house and tell us how much we owe. It's just going to be a guessing job otherwise.

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