Tuesday 20 November 2018

Traditional ceremonies are celebrated at Hook Lighthouse

Esther Hayden

Two age old traditions were celebrated at Hook Lighthouse on New Year's Day.

The Arrow Ceremony dates back to 1687, when the Mayor and the corporation of New Ross Town Council claimed their authority over the Tower and waters by travelling to the point of the Hook and shooting an arrow into the sea from Hook Head Lighthouse.

Another custom, Daisy Day, was also revived on the day.

This old New Year custom in the form of 'Penny for a Daisy' which was carried out by the children on New Year's Day and large numbers of children collected the first flower of 1943 and received pennies for them.

According to Hook Lighthouse 'the child who found the first daisy would win the hunt but lots of children would receive pennies from the families in the area'.

New Ross Standard