Monday 15 July 2019

Task force to lick scourge of gum

Cathy Lee

This year's gum litter task force has launched an education campaign around littering, which includes a schools programme aimed at secondary school students as well as sponsorship of three awards in the Tidy Towns competition.

The county Wexford campaign was launched by Mayor of the Borough District of Wexford, Cllr Tony Dempsey.

'The gum litter education campaign is a fantastic initiative which harnesses community spirit and channels it towards achieving a common goal, that of ridding our streets of littered gum. I am delighted to see local communities from right across the county coming together again this year,' he said.

'The campaign has made some very positive inroads to date on this issue and I hope that the campaign will continue to do so again'.

Research by the task force shows that 88% of people said that they always dispose of their gum correctly, up from 54% when the campaign cycle first began, back in 2007.

'By changing disposal behaviour, the root cause of the issue, we encourage the public to dispose of their gum responsibly in a bin,' said a spokesperson for the task force.

The 2018 campaign maintained an all time high of 93% of people stating that they regard chewing gum as litter, up from 74% when the campaign first began.

Local authorities across the country will launch individual campaigns, and through support and information the areas involved can highlight the €150 litter fine through stronger enforcement by litter wardens and raise interest in keeping towns tidy.

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