Wednesday 19 June 2019

Students enjoy their awards day

JCSP student of the year Jake Canning, New Ross with vice principal Dominic Hearne
JCSP student of the year Jake Canning, New Ross with vice principal Dominic Hearne

David Looby

The staff of Kennedy College in New Ross recently held an awards day for 3rd Year students.

This yearly event marks the students' graduation from the Junior Certificate Schools Programme.

Students who took part in the programme and their family members were invited to attend the awards, travelling from throughout the district for the special occasion.

Principal Denise Lennon-Hennessy welcomed everyone and complimented the students on their hard work on reaching this point in their education and wished them luck in their upcoming Junior Cert.

Co-ordinators Geraldine Sutton and Suzanne Meyler spoke about the programme and outlined the numerous initiatives the students had participated in over the previous three years all thanks to the support of JCSP.

This initiatives included a Geography Field trip to Dunmore Caves, Make-a-Book, paired reading, artist in the classroom, Bodhran lessons and many more initiatives.

Each student received their JCSP Profile, which officially records all they have achieved in Kennedy College during their time there. They were also presented with a written reference from the school.

Certificates were distributed to many individuals for Student of the Year in each subject area.

The overall Male JCSP Student of Year was Jake Canning and Overall Female JCSP Student of the Year was Jessica Moore.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed refreshments provided in the school.

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