Monday 17 June 2019

Steps on High Hill to be upgraded

Councillors were unanimous in their praise for the geometric garden plans for High Hill, which have been finalised and are going to planning.

People are being invited to give their thoughts about the development of a medieval park in the High Hill area. A Part 8 planning permission process for the development in High Hill is under way. The planned development would see Norman Gardens created to include formal planting patterns consisting of a variety of hedges, aromatic plants and herbs. The medieval park would include a series of faceted gardens forming the space between the paths and negotiating the topography, footpaths and pathways connecting the River Barrow to St Mary's Church of Ireland, shared surfaces to improve pedestrian access and movement. Queries can either be submitted by email to specialprojects@wexfordcoco. ie or by calling 053 9196000. Cllr Michael Sheehan said: 'Hopefully everything will go through smoothly.'

Sinn Fein Cllr Marie Doyle said: 'I think it's great to see something moving on High Hill which has been left derelict.'

She asked if the original steps on the hill are being demolished. Ms Casey said the steps will be modified. 'They will have to be improved from their current state as they have changed (deteriorated) over the years. This has to be done to improve access to all the steps. By taking the paths across you are lessening the gradient for parents with prams. It will be an easier path upwards,' she said.

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