Friday 23 February 2018

Stench of slurry in Adamstown is 'obnoxious'

David Looby

The spreading of treated sewage sludge in Adamstown - which is causing a stink locally - has been defended by the company.

Enva Ireland has been storing Biosolids in a farmyard near Adamstown, County Wexford since early 2015, having obtained the necessary Certificate of Registration from Wexford County Council to do so.

An Enva spokesperson said: 'Land-spreading of Biosolids (treated sewage sludge) is the Environmental Protection Agency's recommended best environmental practice. It is a valuable and sustainable source of nutrient rich fertiliser and is in high demand among productive farmers. We soil sample and prepare a nutrient management plan for each field, which is submitted to the local authority for approval prior to any application of Biosolids. We are fully in compliance with all legislation and codes of good practice.'

The company declined to comment on the smell from the sludge which is being stored and spread in Oldcourt, Adamstown.

Having been contacted by local residents Labour Cllr George Lawlor visited the area last week and was horrified by the smell.

He is calling on Wexford County Council to consider local residents when deciding on the company's applications for approval to spread the sludge. 'It was the worst slurry smell you could ever imagine. It was dreadful!'

He said the sludge is imported from around County Wexford and other counties into Adamstown.

'Planning permission wasn't previously required by the Environmental Protection Agency for these plants but now it is.'

He described the smell from the sludge as follows: 'It's the most offensive, obnoxious smell. Nobody has any objection to slurry smells and farmyards. They can be slightly unpleasant but that is the nature of living in the country but the smell local residents are complaining about is the strongest smell. It was greater than any other offensive smell I have ever experienced. It's not something that you could live alongside for even a short period of time. Days after the smell was still in my nostrils and in my van.'

'In my view if Wexford County Council grant planning permission they will be greatly failing the people of Adamstown.'

New Ross Standard

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