Thursday 20 June 2019

'Special rates' for rural businesses

Village businesses across Co Wexford should get special treatment when it comes to rates, just as business owners in the Scottish Highlands are the beneficiaries of rates incentive schemes.

Cllr Lisa McDonald made the suggestion at the county council meeting while highlighting the need for the local authority to call on the government to incentivise both the establishment and continuance of small businesses in the villages of rural Ireland.

Cllr McDonald said: 'There are areas in the district, rural areas, where rates are similar to the rates in Dublin. I know they are entitled to review and appeal that.'

Giving the example of the Scottish Highlands where incentive schemes for businesses are available, she said by doing so the government would encourage businesses to open in our villages and rural towns and ensure people stay living and doing business in their local village.

'If this government is serious about rural Ireland we need to look at real ways to ensure people stay here,' the Fianna Fáil councillor said.

New Ross Standard