Saturday 23 February 2019

Shocking conditions for New Ross River Rescue volunteers condemned

No room for volunteers
No room for volunteers

David Looby

An appeal has been made for funding for a new premises for New Ross River Search & Rescue volunteers after they highlighted the cramped space they have to work and meet families in distress in.

The volunteers posted photographs on social media highlighting the basic, small quarters they have to go back to having searched for missing people in the river Barrow.

In a statement the group said: 'This is what we as a voluntary organisation have to endure at all times but especially during searches. We have one space to store equipment and gear. The same space is used for cooking and making sandwiches etc. and also the same space for people to change from their wet gear. This is also the same space where we have to try and speak to family members who are dealing with a very emotional and private situation in a very public place. We have a separate hut that we own and the only thing that we require is the space and permission from the council to put it in beside our base that is already in place.

'We have spoken to numerous council members but to no avail. Enough is enough. If we are not there to carry out this vital service then who will?'

Cllr Michael Sheehan called on the council to provide space for the second hut for changing and for privacy as a matter of urgency, adding that funding for a community building should be applied for in the new year. 'The entire crew do an amazing job and the council should ensure the facilities match their commitment.'

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