Thursday 18 January 2018

Secret Valley Adventure Farm

HERE AT Secret Valley we have an established school tour programme, that has been a fantastic success over the years. We have added to that programme this year. Schools now have a choice of ten activities including bottle feeding baby goats, minibeast hunt ,scavanger hunt and pond life. You can also choose to eat in our coffee shop or picnic on the farm.

Our policy is to awaken a love of nature in our young people. We concentrate on bringing nature to life for children. When schools come to our farm they get a hands on fun educational experience. They come into contact with animal and plant life native to Ireland and more.

We are now taking this a step further - we are now available to visit your school with an array of mini beasts that will bring a true level of excitement to your classroom. Our mini beasts come from rain forests across the world including stick insects, giant millipedes, giant snails, lizards and a variety of beetles and more. The aim of this programme is to introduce the animals to the children with a fun hands on approach, but to also educate on habitats, camouflage, and the importance of looking after their environments. Also how important rain forests are to the planet. We let the children see and feel these weird and wonderful creatures making them more real than just a picture in a book. A visit to your school with this programme could really enhance your students learning.

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