Wednesday 23 January 2019

Scourge of serial dumpers is condemned as evidence mounts

Rubbish at Bellevue Heights estate, New Ross.
Rubbish at Bellevue Heights estate, New Ross.

David Looby

Dumping of household rubbish will lead to fines and court prosecutions, local councillors have warned.

Several bags of rubbish were found dumped beside an apartment block in Bellvue Heights in New Ross early last week where a dead rat was also found, while widescale dumping at the entrance to Kelly's Wood at Knockmullen was reported. Another incident of dumping was reported in Ballywilliam over the weekend.

Cllr John Fleming and Cllr Michael Sheehan condemned the dumping.

Cllr Fleming said: 'This is the latest load of rubbish to be dumped in Ballywilliam. Local groups clean and tidy the village and surrounding areas and others come in and dump their rubbish and think it's Ok. Well it's not Ok, and luckily the culprits left their name and address so they will be getting a surprise and an expensive day in court.'

New Ross Standard