Sunday 25 February 2018

Sadness at passing of Brian 'The Educator'

THE FAMILY of the late Brian Southey are mourning the loss of a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.

Brian of Grange, The Rower, sadly passed away on December 19, 2012.

Appropriately known as ' The Educator', Brian held a MSc in Organic Chemistry and a MSc in Analytical Chemistry and was also a member of MENSA.

A native of London, Brian began his career in science working as a Forensic Scientist in London for a number of years.

He then became a lecturer and worked at Thanet Technical College in Ramsgate before moving to Ireland in 1980 and settling in his wife's native Co. Kilkenny.

Brian then took up a position in Carlow Regional College (CIT) and later worked in Waterford Regional College ( WIT).

In his spare time he also taught grinds in Chemistry, Physics, French, Maths, Applied Maths, Biology and English to many students ranging from Junior Certificate to University level. All students loved coming to Brian as he had such a vast knowledge of every subject, from the Ancient Greeks to the Romans to the history of civilisations.

He had a passion for the arts and loved to relax with his classical music and jazz in the surrounds of his huge library of books.

Brian was very proud of his ancestors, particularly the Poet Laureate Robert Southey and his cousin Rev. Dom Ambrose Southey who was the Vicar General of the Cistercian Orders throughout the world.

The love of Brian's life was his wife Mai, his family and loving grandchildren, who tried to keep him positive and helped him laugh a little throughout his illness. He is so sadly missed by his loving family. May he rest in peace.

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