Monday 19 February 2018

Ross one of my priorities, says new county manager

County Manager Tom Enright
County Manager Tom Enright

THE NEW County Manager Tom Enright said the development of New Ross is among his main priorities over the coming years.

Speaking at the council meeting, the former director of economic development in Limerick said he looked forward to working with the area's future councillors and council officials over the coming months and years.

Cllr Michael Sheehan said Mr Enright was coming to the county at a very good time.

'There are a lot of projects in the pipeline. We need to work with the regulator to include New Ross in the gas pipeline and to include the town in broadband upgrade due for the area which would be vital for Ross.'

Cllr Sheehan expressed concern that when New Ross Town Council is abolished nothing will happen in the town for a generation, in terms of development.

Mr Enright was quick to reassure Cllr Sheehan and the other councillors in attendance that this will not be the case. 'There are exciting times ahead for Wexford and with the bypass coming here which is due to start around this time next year I think that will help the town greatly and make it a more attractive place for people to come. It will be better for business.'

A native of Dungarvan, Mr Enright has worked in Limerick for almost 20 years and held the posts of director of environment and emergency services and director of planning with Limerick County Council.

He said with the new-look local authority coming into being as the old town councils are abolished it will be important to maintain an emphasis on the county's towns.

'They are the centres of the rural hinterland – it's important they aren't forgotten. It will be my role over the next three years to ensure the town is represented in the local authority. Hopefully as the economy picks up the town will pick up as well,' Mr Enright added.

Town Manager Eamonn Hore said: 'I wouldn't have too many worries about development in New Ross slowing down. There are plenty of ways of getting money – as we did with the flood money, which is a case in point.'

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