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Rosbercon is declared the multicultural capital of Ireland

Rosbercon has been declared the multicultural capital of Ireland.

The popular That's Ireland' website, run by writer Michael Nugent, who co-wrote the comedy play I, Keano', recently looked for the most multicultural area in the country, outside of its five cities.

Using census figures obtained from the Central Statistics Office, Nugent revealed that Rosbercon contained the greatest percentage of foreign nationals at up to 46 per cent of its population.

The 2006 census showed that the population of Rosbercon Urban' - an area that has experienced rapid development in recent years - had increased by 59.3 per cent from 2002.

It seems that most of the people moving in were not Irish as Nugent reports that of the 628 people living in Rosbercon Urban, which though located on the Kilkenny side of the Barrow is considered part of Wexford, between 34 and 46 per cent were foreign nationals.

The reason there is not an exact percentage is that a number of people do not state their nationality on the census form, so it is not known whether these people are Irish or not.

The majority of foreign nationals coming to New Ross in recent times have come from Poland and other Eastern European countries.

However, for number two on the list, it's Brazilians that are in the majority among the foreign nationals. In Gort in County Galway, often tagged as Little Brazil', up to 40 per cent of the population are not Irish.

Other areas in the top ten most multicultural spots include Dromore (Kerry), Monaghan, Ballybane (Cork), Carrowbaun (Cork) and Lisdoonvarna.