Monday 22 January 2018

Ring road plans 'will only happen if developer-led'

The town development plan includes a new ring road for the Irishtown, pictured, but this is now unlikely to be constructed for some time.
The town development plan includes a new ring road for the Irishtown, pictured, but this is now unlikely to be constructed for some time.

A SENIOR planner with Wexford County Council has said no new ring road will be built between Irishtown and Morrisseysland and Redhouse as outlined in the town development plan unless it forms part of a developer-led project.

At last month's meeting of the council, a motion by Cllr John Dwyer to have a new ring road built was unanimously supported, but last Tuesday's meeting heard that this is now unlikely to happen for some time despite the fact that a large new school is due to be built in the area by September 2015.

Senior planner Diarmuid Houston said the proposal in the New Ross Town Development Plan relates to undeveloped lands which are zoned residential, light industry and office and community and education.

'This objective is required to ensure that lands are reserved to facilitate the construction of the road through an area of multiple land ownership. The development of such roads is contingent to development taking place. I am not aware of, or can find no recent record of discussions for the development of these lands,' Mr Houston said in a statement.

He said it would be expected that the developers of the land would build a road.

Cllr Dwyer said the objectives set out in the development plan were therefore 'pie in the sky stuff'.

Town Clerk Anthony Bailey said it was a strategic move to include the road in the plan, adding, 'it was always going to be developer-led'.

'It doesn't say that in the development plan. It says there will be a road in the Irishtown. We are going to have a serious situation up there with the traffic lights. There is a rat run over to the Bawnmore Road. A serious accident is going to occur, especially at school times.'

Cllr Victor Furness said there will be more traffic in the area when the new primary school opens.

Town Manager Eamonn Hore said the council doesn't have the money to build the road, adding that the proposal will be included in the next town development plan.

Cllr Annette Larkin, who is a teacher at St Mary's school, asked if councillors could go back and make the new road a priority in the current plan. She said there is one school already looking for a pedestrian crossing in the area.

'I'm up there every morning and it's an accident waiting to happen. Something needs to be done before we are looking at headlines in the paper.'

Mr Hore said even if the money was made available for the road it would take over two years to complete due to planning delays.

An unimpressed Cllr Dwyer said: 'I know we will be sitting in the county hall in five or 10 years still talking about it.'

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