Friday 24 May 2019

Ramsgrange not included in area's new sewerage treatment plant project

David Looby

Irish Water have no plans to include Ramsgrange village in a new sewerage treatment plant for the area.

'Ramsgrange village does not form part of the scope of the project as there is no public sewerage system in Ramsgrange,' Irish Water Regional Communications Lead (Southern).

Richard Ó hEadhra said. 'The operation of private or domestic treatments in Ramsgrange, which may be causing pollution, is outside Irish Water's remit. Notwithstanding this, nothing that is proposed in the Arthurstown, Ballyhack & Duncannon project will prohibit the future connection of existing or new developments in Ramsgrange to the public sewer systems should businesses or residents wish to apply to connect.'

He said the public utility company is working to end the discharge of 2,300 wheelie bins of untreated wastewater into the Barrow Nore Suir estuary. The discharges are in close proximity to harbours, amenity waters and a designated bathing water beach in Duncannon.

'The discharge of untreated wastewater threatens water quality and detracts from the amenity value of the coastal waters around Arthurstown, Ballyhack and Duncannon. Action is required to stop untreated wastewater being discharged directly into these receiving waters. The practice of discharging untreated wastewater is no longer acceptable and Irish Water intends to rectify this problem by constructing a new wastewater treatment plant to ensure that the wastewater is treated before being discharged into the estuary.'

The proposed scheme will see a new sewage treatment plant located on lands within the Dunbrody estate, accessed from Arthurstown village.

Mr Ó hEadhra said the new wastewater treatment plant will serve existing and future populations. There will be new below ground pumping stations with above ground kiosks and pipelines to transfer sewage from the pumping stations to the sewage treatment plant and a new treated wastewater pipeline to discharge treated wastewater from the new wastewater treatment plant to the existing discharge pipe.

He said the new wastewater treatment plant will bring benefits to including: improving the water quality of receiving water, adding that cleaner water will enhance the amenity value in Arthurstown, Ballyhack and Duncannon and act as a platform for social and economic development. 'The new pipes, pumping station and wastewater treatment plant have all been sized to accommodate an increase in the local population and will facilitate future growth in the area.'

Irish Water has published a CPO to formally acquire lands essential for this project. Subject to statutory approvals construction is expected to commence in 2019 and will be completed by 2021.

In late May Irish Water held a public information evening on the proposals for the Arthurstown, Ballyhack and Duncannon Wastewater Treatment Plant project. 'The purpose of this project is to provide appropriate treatment for the wastewater that is being collected in the public sewer system in the aforementioned villages which is currently being discharged untreated into the estuary. Since the public information evening in May Irish Water have continued to work on the design of the scheme and published the Compulsory Purchase Order to acquire the lands and wayleaves required to advance the scheme.'

Arthurstown, Ballyhack and Duncannon is one of the 44 locations listed in the Irish Water business plan and will see an will end to the discharge of untreated wastewater from the public sewerage system by 2021.

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