Tuesday 24 October 2017

Property tax puts a spanner in the works for one candidate

A prospective election candidate has been told that he would not be allowed to take a seat on Wexford County Council if he ran successfully - because he has not paid his local property tax.

Direct Democracy activist Simon English announced earlier this year his intention to run in the elections in the Enniscorthy district.

But the Ballymurn resident has withdrawn his candidacy after being informed by the Revenue Commissioners that he was not eligible due to his failure to stump up the money for the local charge.

'I cannot run because I have not paid my property tax,' said Simon English who is challenging the constitutionality of the LPT.

'I have no intention of ever paying my property tax and that it my right. And there is not a chance that I will pay the water tax either. We have to make a stand,' he said.

English, who is self-employed, remains involved in working behind the scenes on Direct Democracy's campaign to put representatives in the European Parliament.

New Ross Standard