Monday 23 October 2017

Port's silt problem to be tackled

David Tucker

PORT officials at Rosslare Harbour are planning to dredge its channels as quickly as they can because of the large amount of silt that has built over as a result of the winter storms.

Port Captain Aedan Jameson said the plan is to dredge 'soon,' but first permission has to be obtained from government bodies, including the Department of the Environment.

'You have to work through all sorts of environment issues. Our engineers are working through these issues now,' he said.

Captain Jameson said the silt problem had been 'pretty well all due to the storms.. there has been infiltration on the chart depths, but it's still safe for ships to come in'.

'We have to work through a process and I hope that the spread of this has stopped.. the issue for us is getting through the environmental issues, and we're working through them as quickly as we can,' he said.

New Ross Standard