Saturday 23 February 2019

Playing the name game

Vox pop says Kennedy name liked, petition suggests otherwise

The Barrow bridge under construction
The Barrow bridge under construction

David Looby

The New Ross Standard team took to the streets of New Ross to ask people if they approved of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy name, which most people and councillors favour and if they availed of a submission's process offered by New Ross Municipal District council.

With councillors from the New Ross and Piltown municipal districts due to vote on the name of Ireland's largest bridge tomorrow (Wednesday) at a joint meeting of the councils in the Rhu Glenn Hotel, there has been criticism on social media of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy bridge name.

A petition with around 600 names is being sent to Wexford County Council this week about the process and the name. A group of New Ross residents including David Osborn, Sean Crowley and Marianne Furlong issued a statement saying: 'The general consensus from people we have spoken with and those who have signed the petition reveals a few common issues. The submission process was not adequately advertised or promoted by New Ross Municipal District Council.

'Regarding promotion of the submissions process, surely naming of such an infrastructure would have proved to have been an interesting project (from a heritage and geographical perspective) for the schools in the area? The submission process could have been of a longer duration to incorporate the early part of the academic year. This leads to the question: why the urgency to name this bridge in 2018?

'The name 'Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy' was a done deal before any submission process was proposed. Momentum is gathering on this issue and there's genuine sentiment about the obvious over utilisation of the Kennedy connection, and of course lest we forget, Rose F Kennedy was not actually a Kennedy and certainly not from the New Ross area or Glenmore for that matter. Finally we have to ask: What has this continual re-hashing of the Kennedy connection genuinely done for the town apart from getting people's backs up?'

Mr Hore said: 'This is a relatively small number of people. I would safely say anyone who wanted to know about it knew about it. I expected a couple of hundred more people to make submissions as there was a lot of activity on Facebook pages.'

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