Sunday 17 December 2017

Over half a million in County Council expenses

David Looby

WEXFORD'S COUNTY COUNCILLORS pocketed €583,909 in expenses and payments in 2013.

Figures obtained by this newspaper reveal that €132,980 in expenses was paid out to councillors last year.

The highest paid councillor was Fine Gael stalwart Kathleen Codd Nolan at €45,255.85. Cllr Codd Nolan held the position of Council chairperson in the first half of the year for which she was paid an €17,764.73 on top of her representational payment of €16,644.55, as well as €4,012.95 for attending conferences abroad, and €6,833.62 for attending conferences in Ireland.

Labour councillor and current chairperson of Wexford County Council Ted Howlin was the second highest earner in 2013 with a total of €42,149.30.

His expenses came to €5,339.03, while he received a payment of €18,161.71 for sitting in the council chair.

Cllr Robert Ireton received €34,251.09 which includes €7,555.20 in expenses. Cllr Ireton was among a number of North Wexford councillors who were paid the most in expenses as they travel furthest to attend monthly meetings of the body in Wexford town.

Cllr John Hegarty from Ballyfad received €30,309.26, including €7,664.71 in expenses. He also received €6,000 for being chairperson of a Strategic Policy Committee (SPC).

Cllr Michael Kinsella from Ballyduff, Camolin received €26,745.52, including €7,724.79 in expenses.

Outgoing Fine Gael Cllr Pat Codd received €31,958.59 in payments, including 5733.69 in expenses; €2,237.25 for attending conferences in Ireland and €6,000 for acting as chairperson of an SPC.

Outgoing Fianna Fail Cllr Martin Murphy received €31,820.54, including €2,214.71 for attending conferences, €6,961.28 in expenses and €600 for being an SPC chairperson.

Cllr Larry O'Brien received €30,359.98 in payments, including €7,715.43 in expenses and €6,000 for acting as chairperson of an SPC.

Cllr George Lawlor received €28,699.61, including €610.99 for attending conferences abroad and €105.03 for attending conferences in Ireland. He was paid €5,339.04 in expenses and received €6,000 for being an SPC chairperson.

Cllr Michael Sheehan was paid €28,054.04, including €3,963.05 for attending conferences in Ireland and €7,447.44 in expenses.

Other county councillors who received payments and expenses were: Anna Fenlon (€21,983.59); Declan MacPartlin (€23,868.75); Denis Kennedy (€24,990.34); Jim Moore (€23,827.40); Keith Doyle (€22,141.14); Malcolm Byrne (€25,391.27); Martin Storey (who was co-opted onto the council following the death of Labour Cllr Pat Cody) and received €6,529.25); Oliver Walsh (€21,989.43); Paddy Kavanagh (€23,166.46); Padge Reck (€24,795.16); the late Pat Cody (€13,931.84) and Tony Dempsey (€21,690.95).

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