Sunday 18 March 2018

Oops! Truck gets wedged in bridge

The truck stuck under the railway bridge in Campile
The truck stuck under the railway bridge in Campile

A ROAD near Campile was left completely blocked when a truck managed to get stuck under a railway bridge it was attempting to pass under. Despite a large sign indicating a height restriction of 4.01m, the truck driver obviously believed he could make it underneath and became lodged underneath, blocking traffic for a period of time.

Iarnród Eireann confirmed that a bridge strike had taken place yesterday, but said that it hadn't resulted on any major disruptions on their end. 'Fortunately for us, there was no impact to services,' a spokesperson said. 'That particular bridge is on a disused line which wouldn't see any regular services. However, it is still used from time to time and an inspection will be carried out to assess any damage caused by the truck, but for the moment we don't know.'

It is not clear at the moment how the truck driver managed to get himself out of the sticky situation, but it is thought that he may have been able to pass under the bridge safely by letting the air out of his tyres.

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