Thursday 21 November 2019

New scheme to link Wexford and Wales

Wexford County Council is to join with its counterparts in Wicklow and Waterford to create a link with parts of Wales in a bid to increase tourism to all areas.

The Celtic Routes project seeks to have Wexford County Council link in with Carmarthenshire County Council, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and Ceredigion County Council in the hopes of increasing visitor appeal by offering a number of immersive, compelling and authentic Celtic experiences that will slow visitors down and change less-known areas from transit zones to visitor destinations in their own right, thereby increasing the time visitors spend in these regions and boosting the economy of the local areas.

In order to support and encourage participation by tourism operators in the Celtic Routes project and to encourage the development of business connections across the Irish sea, the Celtic Routes Partnership has established a 'Learning Journeys' scheme. The scheme provides an opportunity for businesses working within the tourism and cultural heritage sectors to visit similar businesses in the Ireland/Wales area where they will have opportunity to learn and share best practice, foster mutual learning and to forge and strengthen networks. The principle of Learning Journeys is that learning is shared.

Applicants seeking to access Learning Journey support must be able to clearly demonstrate a desire and ability to use the learning to improve their business and promote the Celtic Routes.

For more info, contact or call 053-9196698.

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