Monday 26 August 2019

New 'Bee and Bee' for County Hall

Pádraig Byrne

While the most welcoming environment isn't always afforded to visitors decked out in black and amber in Wexford, our population of bees are certainly to be made feel welcome following the installation of a newly constructed bee hotel at County Council headquarters in Carricklawn.

As part of the 'Bee Aware' campaign. Co-ordinator Sonia Shiels approached the Wexford Working Men's Club with the goal of getting them to put together rest stops that would help our precious pollinators.

'We were delighted to help,' said Chairman of the Working Men's Club Martin Haughton. 'Once we got the materials in, we went up one afternoon to the council and put it all together with Sonia's help.'

The group were delighted to unveil the project alongside Mayor George Lawlor in the sunshine at Carricklawn.

'It's simple enough really,' Martin explained.

'Basically it's made from pallets with a roof on it and filled with blocks, bricks, pine cones, bits of bamboo, things like that. Then you just put a bit of netting wire on to keep it all in place and it's ready to go.'

With the launch of their first bee hotel, Martin has confirmed that they are looking into making several more for the council, including some smaller ones to be dotted around the place. Anyone who wishes to donate materials for the project such as pallets, pine cones or old bricks can do so by dropping into the Working Men's Club's new home in Redmond Park.

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