Monday 16 December 2019

Julie Ann wins newcomer accolade at blog awards

Julie Ann Murphy with Lucy Kennedy, Louis Walsh and Mateo Saina at the awards ceremony in Dublin
Julie Ann Murphy with Lucy Kennedy, Louis Walsh and Mateo Saina at the awards ceremony in Dublin

Cathy Lee

The cheers could be heard all the way down to county Wexford when blogger and influencer Julie Anne Murphy from New Ross won Best Newcomer at the Tanorganic Beauty Blog Awards, which took place in Dublin city centre.

Wexford's Julie Anne runs the Designer Desires On A Penney's Budget blog, and the mother of two has been sharing her best picks and fashion combinations online for some time now, and her followers just keep going up and up.

Her journey into blogging began in 2016 as a hobby and a way to overcome personal struggle, such as social anxiety and depression.

She found that taking photographs while going out shopping gave her focus and purpose, which helped to overcome her fears and anxieties.

'When I started off I was just showing people what was affordable and getting a little bit of traction. I found I was always shopping but at the same time I had severe anxiety and depression. The blog gave me an opportunity to focus my mind, going in to shops and taking pictures of what I saw, and it just really took off.

'Even now that I have won this award and previously Ireland's got Curves blog awards in 2017 and 2018, it has always been a hobby and I don't make money, I'm going to continue on the way I'm doing it.

'For me it's not like work at all and it has brought me into a bigger community, as I've engaged with others who have told me they don't like crowds. They can go shopping with my suggestions and avoid that added pressure as they know exactly where to go and what to do,' she said.

With 20 categories in total of awards and 1,000 nominees making the long list, it has been the biggest year yet for the Beauty Blog Awards.

Julie Anne explained that she hadn't even realised she had been nominated, as it is up to the public to chose their favourite bloggers.

'The Beauty Blog Awards really supports all bloggers and influencers big and small and gives them the recognition that they deserve,' said a spokesperson for the event.

Mateo Saina from popular TV show First Dates Ireland was MC on the night, with Lucy Kennedy and Louis Walsh on hand to present the winners with their prizes.

'My dad says I'll be on a fashion programme like Xposé next,' said Julie Ann.

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