Friday 24 May 2019

Irishtown junction improvement works enter their final months

Improvement works at the busy Irishtown junction look set to continue into May.

Senior Executive Engineer Eilis Furlong told a meeting of New Ross Municipal District that the works include: the upgrading of traffic lights, new energy efficient decorative lights, the underground of cables and the planting of new trees.

Ms Furlong said works will continue for two months. 'The ESB are working at the moment there. That work will allow us to take down the cables so we can complete the rest of the street-lights. The railing at the chipper needs to go up and will look the same as the railing on the other side of the road. That will complete three sides (of the junction).'

A section of wall has to come down and a railing, with paving to be laid and a stone wall to be erected also in Irishtown and the road has to be resurfaced.

'That is happening while the schools are off,' she said.

Cllr Michael Sheehan said a new pavement needs to be laid near the monument. 'There is a business that is after spending a considerable amount of money there and the footpaths are in an appalling condition.'

Ms Furlong said the low cost safety scheme tenders are in and the Irishtown footpath is included. 'There is not much play there but there are options we are looking at. We will come up with a best case scenario solution.'

New Ross Standard