Tuesday 22 October 2019

Intrepid sailors take on some big voyages

David Looby

Four New Ross Sea Scouts have just returned from voyages on the tall ship Pelican of London.

The 150 foot long, square rigged tall ship brought the four sea scouts from Dublin to the Isle of Man, through a force 8 gale to Belfast and back to Dublin.

The second voyage saw the Pelican join the Maybe and the Brian Boru on a special Asgard Armada voyage from Dublin to Kinsale, ending in Cork.

Sea scouts Sarah Meehan, Owen Rogers, Se Forristal and Emma Geoghegan joined other sailing trainees in safety training before joining watches.

Scout leader Alex Kelly said: 'Our sea scouts learned to helm, navigate, set the sails, climb the rigging, adjust and stow sails up on the yards, complete night watches and are looking forward to more voyages next year.'

The sea scouts in New Ross have some space for new members in the sea scout section 12-18 and rovers aged 18-25.

Anyone interested in joining the New Ross Sea Scouts can contact Alex on 086-1070631/

Adults interested in joining the leader team to run water activities are welcome to come have a chat with her. The weekly rowing/sailing/kayaking sessions on the Barrow Hill continue and the group continue training for the national seamanship competition in Dublin in October.

Founded in 1965 the scouts are the 1st Wexford (New Ross) Sea Scouts with Beavers, Cubs, Sea Scouts and Ventures.

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