Saturday 17 March 2018

Independent Martin quits Fianna Fáil

CLLR MARTIN MURPHY has quit the Fianna Fáil party to run as an Independent in the upcoming local elections.

The sitting county councillor shocked party members when he announced that he was leaving the party he has been involved in all his life at a Fianna Fail district meeting held at the Horse & Hound on Thursday night.

Cllr Murphy launched a scathing attack on the party in December through this newspaper on the 'appalling' manner in which the New Ross district Fianna Fail selection convention was run, claiming it was rigged from the start and will cost the party a seat in the upcoming local elections.

He said extremely bad planning ahead of May's elections convinced him the time was right to quit Fianna Fáil.

'I was an active member of the party for 30 years. I am sad to be leaving Fianna Fáil under these circumstances but I had to make a decision and I've decided to contest the elections as an Independent candidate. I could not announce that before affording the courtesy to the organisation I was a member of for so long.'

The 62-year-old former lighthouse keeper said he had lost faith in the party and will now go it alone to try to win re-election this May.

New Ross Standard