Sunday 25 August 2019

Huge demand for broadband

Wexford County Council are inundated with daily calls by business and home owners who are desperately seeking broadband and Imagine Broadband are filling the gaps.

Eileen Mulqueen of Imagine Broadband gave a presentation to councillors about the new national 5G broadband network. She said the company's phone lines have been hopping with people who are having major issues accessing broadband, especially in rural areas, adding that they will be providing broadband to customers in Wellingtonbridge, Duncormick and Duncannon within the coming three months.

'Our penetration rate is huge at the moment,' she said.

A decade ago Imagine decided to go solely into wireless fibre. Ms Mulqueen said the company are now in line with China, America and Canada when it comes to 5G provision, adding that residents in places like Forth Mountain have seen their broadband increase from 70mg to 150mg.

'We have different towers in Co Wexford and sometimes there is a crossover. There is a huge demand from small business (in south west Wexford). Some are working till 10 p.m. because they are working with very slow broadband. The amount of schools and business owners that have contacted us who have no service is huge. We have had people who have had to give back grants because they can't access broadband.'

She said Wexford County Council direct people to Imagine, who prioritise drastic cases, adding that people can be set up with broadband within three days.

Cllr Pat Barden asked if the service Imagine provides is impacted by trees.

Ms Mulqueen said the company's towers can access every home, except a house that is surrounded by trees. She said the service can be adjusted in different weather conditions and by using 'beam benders'.

Cllr Michael Whelan asked her about the price Imagine charges and she said the €59.99 monthly charge will not be going up. Cllr Michael Sheehan asked about the service in The Tholsel.

Ms Mulqueen said it is one of eight buildings in the heart of the town side by side that are out of range of a strong, stable signal. 'We are bringing in new cells by the end of September providing broadband of up to 150mg.'

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