Wednesday 22 May 2019

History of Tellrought Castle

Tellarought Castle in Terrerath
Tellarought Castle in Terrerath

Tellarought (Terrerath) Castle is located approximately 10.8 km south-east of New Ross, at St. Brigid's Terrace, Tellarought, in a field adjacent to the graveyard of St. Brigid's Roman Catholic church and beside St. Brigid's Terrace road.

It is a ruined Tower House possibly dating to the Norman period. The tower is located adjacent to St. Brigid's Well, which was believed by some local people to have special healing properties. A small stream also runs under the road beside the tower.

The tower may have been the property of one William Devoreux of Talleraght who is mentioned as being the recipient of a pardon in 1597 in the Elizabethan Fiants. Talleraght was an alternative Anglicisation of Tellaroughts original Gaelic name Tulaigh Reacht.

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