Thursday 18 January 2018

Hair today, gone tomorrow as Louie and Zoe lose locks



A MOTHER and daughter teamed up recently to donate almost thirty inches of their hair which will be used to make life-changing prosthetic wigs for children with alopecia.

Louie and Zoe Clement from Ramsgrange took the chop for charity after pledging to grow their hair last year for the recently launched Irish charity, The Rapunzel Foundation, a charity which was founded by New Ross Hairdresser Anna Furlong.

The foundation raises money to purchase prosthetic wigs for children with alopecia, a condition that results in baldness.

Due to the current popularity of hair extensions in Ireland there is now a severe shortage of human hair for wigs for children.

According to Louie, she and her daughter were moved to grow and donate their hair after Anna explained how their hair would make special wigs, which would change the lives of children affected by alopecia.

Both Louie and ten-year-old Zoe grew their hair over the past year and when it came to the final chop they both donated fourteen inch ponytails each.

'I am delighted we did it,' said Louie. 'It is for such a good cause. You never think there is such a shortage of hair to make wigs and for my daughter Zoe it was a case of what if I was in that situation,' she added.

After bravely parting with their tresses, Louie and Zoe had their hair restyled for free by hairdressers Tara Duffin and Emma Roche in Anna Furlong's Hair Salon.

It takes up to 25 ponytails of untreated human hair to make one wig and the Rapunzel Foundation is calling on the public for further donations of 12 inch ponytails of non-treated hair, which is in good condition.

'You send us your hair – and we'll send it to New Zealand. With the money we raise we will be able to donate state-ofthe-art prosthetic wigs to Irish children, wigs which are designed to look and feel totally natural,' explained Anna, who has sincerely thanked all those who were generous enough to donate their hair so far.

'We have received great support from the public so far and we are extremely grateful. These donations of hair will child the life of a young child,' added Anna.

Meanwhile, The Rapunzel Foundation have just launched their latest initiative, the ' tips for a day' campaign and are looking for hairdressers to endorse the campign and encourage their staff to donate their gratuity tips for one day to the foundation.

If you wish to donate your hair for this worthy cause you can do so by contacting Anna Furlong's Hair Salon at 051 420508 or 051 421287 or checking out the Rapunzel Ponytail Facebook page.

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