Wednesday 18 September 2019

Green fingered Liam grows magical garden

David Looby

A biodiversity garden filled with brilliantly colourful flowers has sprung up in a New Ross estate.

The garden at Parkfield is the creation of Liam Nolan, a former caretaker at New Ross Vocational College.

Liam started working on clearing a derelict patch of briars and thistles at the entrance to the estate near the steps earlier this year.

His wife Patsy has helped him with the project, while Cllr Anthony Connick got the dirt dragged out of the site by council workers using a digger.

Liam rotavated the earth and that part is now completed.

Grass was grown and the entrance to Parkfield has taken on a lush greenness.

Liam and Patsy collect money from their neighbours every year, putting it with their own to funding the new gardens.

They got a grant from New Ross Municipal council to tackle two big banks which looked terrible, growing grass.

But what has got everyone talking is the field of blue cornflowers and orange poppies that has to be seen to be believed.

Liam is the son of Peter Nolan from Duncannon who was a gardener for Lord Templemore so he was born green fingered. Having retired around five years ago he developed his interest in gardening and has been sewing the seeds of love in his community ever since.

The garden has attracted bees and butterflies which is adding to the biodiversity of the estate.

Patsy said: 'It's gotten a great reaction and people have been taking photographs, sending them over to relations in the UK. Everyone loves looking at the bumblebees and the butterflies.'

They made bee-bombs last week to attract more bees and, in doing so, improve the biodiversity of the estate.

They have also improved the air quality in the estate and town by planting trees every year.

Liam and Patsy's enthusiasm for gardening has proven infectious, with one boy in the estate offering to help them by picking up rubbish.

'(Some) people have no pride in where they are living. This kind of activity adds value to people's houses. It's turned out lovely and we hope it will be looked after.'

Liam is now trying to improve another part of the estate which, he said, has been left in a bit of a mess,

New Ross Standard