Thursday 24 October 2019

Glenmore traffic chaos to continue

Roadworks on the N25 at Glenmore
Roadworks on the N25 at Glenmore

Further delays are in store for motorists commuting and driving to Waterford as bypass works continue - at a slow pace - on the N25.

Kilkenny County Council have warned motorists to expect delays every day until Friday, April 26. The council said: 'To facilitate these works, traffic management including the closure of the climbing lane, will be in operation and motorists are advised that delays are to be expected.'

One unhappy motorist took to Facebook in late February to complain: 'The Glenmore road down to a single lane for the past two weeks, for about a kilometre. New Ross to Waterford chock-a-block and NO work being carried out still.'

New Ross Standard