Monday 22 April 2019

Gary turns movie cameras on the legend of Loftus Hall

ASPIRING young filmmaker Gary Kenneally has his eyes firmly set on the legend of Loftus Hall as the storyline for his next filming venture.

Aged just 18, Gary, who hails from Waterford, is the brain behind Keneally Films the production group for Loftus Hall', who have just released the film's teaser trailer.

I've always been interested in the stories behind Loftus hall. I've always liked the story and we would have heard of the story a lot in school and on the streets,' explained Gary, who has just completed his Leaving Certificate.

At the moment Gary is busy working on the storyline for the film and is currently casting six actors for the six principal parts. There are talks that there may be some well known Irish actors taking part, however Gary remains tight lipped.

I'm looking to get a few professional actors. I'd like to have some well-known names to bring attention to the film I think it is the only way it's going to work,' said Gary.

However, the main stumbling block with the production is the lack of written information available about the history behind Loftus Hall.

I'm doing a lot of browsing around the internet and we've been in touch with the Land Registry Offices in Waterford getting them to look up stuff. There's not a lot of written sources so it's mainly discussion with a lot of people,' said Gary, who admits that researching for the film is hard as sources are very limited and gaining access to Loftus Hall is proving difficult.

I hope to shoot the film on location, I am trying to access the grounds at least, but failing that I will film close to the house or at a similar location in Waterford.

I am trying to base the film, as much as possible, about the old legend of Loftus Hall but I'm also taking my interpretation of it too,' said Gary.

Gary's current storyline will bring the audience back 245 years to the 1700s when Fr. Thomas Broaders exorcised satanic forces from Loftus Hall.

The film will continuously inter-cut to the present day when Irish-American businessman Hugh Loftus, the self-professed rightful owner of the house, buys the mansion and is met with strong opposition from local authority.

Meanwhile Brianna Murphy, a psychology student, is haunted by recurring visions of the grim demise of Anne Tottenham and the prelude to her death.

Piece by piece Brianna starts to uncover the true story of what happened on the night that the infamous Tottenham's fate was sealed. However, this is not before Hugh has already employed a professional gambler who claims to be very much acquainted with Loftus Hall.

It is hoped that Loftus Hall' will be screened at the Limerick Film Festival, as well as in Cork, Galway, Dublin and Belfast.

Although just 18, Gary Keneally has a wealth of experience in film, having produced a trilogy known as Shaken'. He is planning to begin a design course in W.I.T. in September, however his long term career goal is to be an accomplished film maker.

It is hoped that 'Loftus Hall' will be funded by the Ted and Mary O'Regan Arts Bursary.

If all goes to plan Loftus Hall will be hitting the big screen in August 2008.