Wednesday 24 October 2018

Gardaí issue warning over property

David Looby

Gardaí in New Ross have issued a protect your property warning to business and home owners in the district.

Sergeant Eddie Wilde is urging all businesses and other organisations to take positive steps in relation to the security and traceability of their assets. Sgt Wilde said: 'In particular items that can be easily moved such as tools to electronic items and vehicles. We recommend that you take the time to photograph these items showing distinct markings, numbers and colours, especially individual bumps and scrapes. This will help prove ownership.

'Mark all property that may be stolen or otherwise misplaced, both overtly and covertly, e.g. tools, vehicles and electronic devices. Record serial numbers where there is one and IMEI numbers for Phones and electronic devices. Take careful note of your unique 15 Digit Mobile Phone IMEI number. (The IMEI number is located on the back of your phone underneath the battery, or you can locate it by dialling * # 06 # on your keypad).

'Also, as information is a huge asset, please make sure that you back up your computers as part of a regular process and have strong individual passwords and Pin codes where appropriate.'

Sgt Wilde said it is important that employees treat security and awareness at a much higher level. 'This strengthens the organisation and business against becoming a victim of crime. It creates employee interest in security as well as making crime investigation more efficient and successful. Huge cost and loss of time can be saved with very little input by taking on the advice above. Don't wait for a problem to take action! All of the above refers to domestic situations as well. Protect your items at home and ensure proof of ownership.'

He urged people to not leave their purses or bags in their car while going shopping. 'This includes putting the bag in the boot. Don't leave it in the car at all, just bring it with you.'

New Ross Standard