Sunday 18 March 2018

Furness to run as an independent

Cllr Victor Furness
Cllr Victor Furness

VICTOR Furness is to run as an independent candidate in May's elections.

The Fine Gael stalwart, pictured below, said he was disappointed not to be selected to run for Fine Gael, having been an active councillor in New Ross over 23 years for the party. His decision to run will set the cat among the pigeons for prospective candidates as the clock ticks down to May's elections.

He said: 'In my heart it wasn't the fact that I didn't get the party nomination that disappointed me, it was the thought that I would no longer be able to represent the people of my own town; not be able to drive forward the agenda of New Ross and no longer be able to complete the work I have already started.'

Cllr Furness said he initially considered running as an independent but only made his mind up last week due to the level of support he received ever since his name was dropped from the Fine Gael ticket.

'I want to continue and the number of people who have contacted me recently imploring me to continue to represent them has convinced me that I can do this, and more importantly the people of New Ross want me to do this.'

He said he will advance the cause of New Ross if elected, as well as campaign for the protection of rural communities in the area, focussing on rural crime, better roads, keeping rural post offices open and the campaign to stop pylons coming to South West Wexford. He said that a social media campaign is being launched to get him re-elected.

Cllr Furness said as chairman of the New Ross Joint Policing Committee he has helped to bring sectors of the community together to improve security in different areas. He is chairman of Apex leisure centre and said everything is being done to ensure it opens as soon as possible.

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