Monday 22 July 2019

Four months in jail for man who sexually assaulted schoolgirl on bus

A man in his forties who rubbed the legs of a teenaged schoolgirl as she made her way home from school by bus was prescribed four months in prison for sexual assault.

Simon Field from St David's Well in Bridgetown was 47 at the time of the incident and the injured party was 16. Giving his verdict in the matter, Judge Gerard Haughton took account of a guilty plea and the defendant's previous good record.

However, the court was not impressed by the way that the accused man had planned the attack, starting from the moment when he stood on her foot as they both waited for the bus.

He then made a point of sitting beside her on the bus and then making comments before he commenced to make physical contact.

The judge also noted that the incident had quite a substantial effect on the injured party.

The four month sentence was imposed and, in the absence of any show of genuine remorse, this term was not suspended.

Judge Haughton further ordered that Field should be put on the register of sexual offenders for seven years.

Before the conclusion of the court sitting, solicitor Tim Cummings confirmed that his client intended to appeal the verdict.

Bail was posted and the defendant was released from custody pending the appeal to be dealt with at the Circuit Court.

New Ross Standard