Sunday 22 September 2019

Founder of Rhu Glenn celebrates 50 years on from when it opened

David Looby

The man who opened the doors of the Rhu Glenn 50 years ago helped celebrate the business' longevity with its current owners, the Mooneys, at a special night in the popular Slieverue hotel recently.

Tom Stephenson opened the doors of the Rhu Glenn pub in 1969. The Derry native, joined by his family, returned to see what the hotel looks like and to catch up with its owner Liam Mooney.

Liam said: 'Tom built a pub on a grass field. It changed hands to John Ramsbottom who had it for 13 years and we moved into it in 1988 and turned it into a hotel.'

Originally from Rathnure, Liam said the business is thriving today, thanks to the support of the local community. He said: 'We have a large function room and do a lot of country music gigs. It's been a good year as we've had a lot of coaches.'

He said he was delighted to see Tom, who got to catch up with a man he worked with many moons ago - Michael Murphy from Enniscorthy.

'It was very good of him to turn up on the night. He met a lot of people who were here at the time.'

Around 150 people celebrated the venue's 50 years, enjoying music and food in the lounge bar.

Liam said Tom was dumbfounded to see how much the place had changed. 'It's a nice thing to be able to celebrate. It was started in 1969 and 50 years later it's still going and was never closed over that period apart from when it was being revamped.'

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