Sunday 15 September 2019

Floods in Rosbercon but no danger to local properties

The flooding in Rosbercon last Wednesday
The flooding in Rosbercon last Wednesday

Esther Hayden

A small area in Rosbercon flooded on Wednesday after Storm Frank hit the country.

Cllr Michael Sheehan said 'what happened in Rosbercon was the standard flooding which often occurs there and there was no damage to homes or businesses. There was some water but not an alarming amount and using an ounce of caution you could get through it.

'Parts of Duncannon, Ballycullane and Wellingtonbridge were affected much worse in the New Ross district. In New Ross itself the flood defence system held up very well and we are extending that out to Marshmeadows. There was some flooding on the railway line on the Waterford Road as well but there wasn't an alarming amount in New Ross.

'What I am very concerned about is the amount of damage done to beaches all around the county. There is a huge amount of beaches in South Wexford which literally disappeared in Storm Frank. Duncannon beach is four or five ft below where it was last week.

'Duncannon lost a massive amount of sand because of the wind, rain and waves and other beaches are also affected. It is a major cause for concern. Beaches are the first line of defence in coastal protection. I have been onto the Government asking them to ensure that whatever money is available for emergency flooding protection that it also includes coastal protection.

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