Friday 24 November 2017

Firemen prevent fire from destroying Ramsgrange home

Four New Ross firemen, working as part of a team, entered a house in Ramsgrange wearing breathing apartaus on Tuesday morning, March 6, and prevented a fire from spreading upstairs.

The fire broke out in the utility room of the house at Rathroe Meadows at around 1130 a.m.

Nobody was inside the dwelling at the time, but the alarm was quickly raised and emergency services promptly arrived at the scene, including two fire tenders from New Ross.

Chief Fire Officer Paul Lestrange said a tumble dryer went on fire and burnt through the stairs.

Mr Lestrange said: 'The kitchen was located beside the utility room and under the stairs. The fire burnt through the stairs but the firemen stopped it from spreading upstairs.'

The firemen fought the blaze for over an hour and remained at the scene until 3 p.m. making it safe.

New Ross Standard

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