Tuesday 18 June 2019

Farmers' protest over N30 sliproad resolved quickly

David Looby

Around fifteen farmers staged a protest on the N30 at its juncture with N25 New Ross bypass.

The farmers raised concerns about safety on a stretch of road which they claim is too narrow leading into the bypass in the townsland of Knockroe Close to Corcorans Cross.

Wexford County Council were informed of their concerns and an official visited the peaceful protest last week.

One of the farmers was directly affected as a hard shoulder which was due to be facilitated at the entrance to his farm was not created meaning he had to stop in the middle of the busy N30 road, causing tailbacks.

Local farmers rallied to his side for the protest which began on Wednesday night and continued until early Thursday afternoon when some of the farmers met with representatives of BAM Iridium.

Cllr John Fleming described the matter as serious, adding that he was happy that it was resolved in a timely fashion.

'This was going on since the previous Friday. It's in the middle of the Tramp's Heartbreak stretch of road. If it wasn't resolved he would have been stuck in the middle of the road stopping all the traffic behind him.'

Cllr Fleming said the farmer received the support of the local community, adding that he was happy the matter was resolved amicably.

New Ross Standard